Welcome to RinggToness, THE destination site for ringtones. This is probably one of the simplest ringtone sites you've ever visited. A few months back, I was searching for ringtones online, and all the sites were spam-infested garbage. I wanted a SIMPLE site that would allow me to do 2 things:

  1. Send my own mp3s to my phone so that I could use them as ringtones.
  2. Download ringtones from a catalog of music.
Needless to say, there wasn't much out there. There was all sorts of spam, and every search seemed to lead to a dead end. This site solves that problem. You can either send ringtones to your phone or sign up to download pre-made ringtones. That's it. No bells and whistles. Just the goods. Enjoy!

I also recently started creating American Idol Recaps on YouTube. You can find below.

Send your phone a ringtone

It doesn't get much easier - just fill out the form below, click "Upload", and the music file will be sent to your phone in a text message. It doesn't cost anything more than the cost of a text message. No strings attached. If you're unsure how this works, check out our FAQ.

Mobile Phone #:
Example: 8885551212
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mp3/qcp/aac/m4a/mmf/wav/amr/midi up to 2MB Help
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American Idol Recap Playlist

For all the individual recaps, visit my YouTube page.